BAY AREA GENERATIONS.2 « video from the Oct 28 performance at the Berkeley City Club

On October 27, the second edition of Bay Area Generations 2 was presented in the library of The Berkeley City Club featuring an extraordinary collection of a dozen readers and musicians in a show curated by founding curators Charles Kruger and Sandra Wassilie along with guest curator Deborah Steinberg.

There was talk of Persphone in the land of the dead, and the awesomeness of grandchildren new to life. Stephen Kopel evoked a dance hall in Baltimore and John Rowe reminded us how things can make sense even when our understanding is incomplete. A young girl spoke of an old man, and an old man play with language as if juggling bowling pins. There was talk of beauty and blood, brokenness and restoration. There was the kind of music that takes you on a trip while you’re not taking a trip.

It was quite, lovely. And the evidence is in the video below, as well as our collective memory.

{NOTE: Sadly, there were some technical difficulties with the video. As a result, although the sound is good, the visual portion is less satisfactory. And one couple, the excellent Anne Franken and Martin A. David, were lost to the camera. Apologies to all for these goblins that plague new enterprises. We will plan to do better in the future.}


Performers (in order of appearance)

Alana Siegel + John Oliver Simon

Stephen Kopel + John Rowe

Karen Penley + GP Skratz

Miles Karp + Steven Gray.

Matt Cantor + Maw Shein Win

John Oliver Simon + Alana Siegel

Anne Franken + Martin A. David (no video — goshdarn computer demons!)

John Rowe

use the arrows at the bottom left of the video to move through the various readers


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