rex01On July 28, Bay Area Generations will present our 11th show at The Hotel Rex in downtown San Francisco. This evening will feature curated readings by four intergeneation couples and a musical performance by jazz pianist Michael Parsons. The featured pairs are:

Sarah Carpenter + Diego Deleo
Herman Lin + Jon Sindell
Joel Landmine + John Panzer
Sharon Coelman + Mary Mackey

Bay Area Generations is a Bay Area reading series founded by Charles Kruger and Sandra Wassilie in the summer of 2013. Charles and Sandra are both writers over fifty who have attended and participated in many readings around the Bay. Sandra recently earned an MFA from San Francisco State University; Charles has served on the board of the reading series Quiet Lightning and as a staff writer and videographer for


Both Charles and Sandra recognized a need for a reading series that would bring together different generations of readers. While some series often include multiple generations (Quiet Lightning is a notable example), a large number of events seem to feature either mostly younger or mostly older writers. We have attended many readings that were exclusively peopled by 20 somethings or over 50s (and beyond).

Thus: Bay Area Generations

Our goal has been to create a series designed to bring the generations together both onstage and in the audience.

Our hope is that this will give writers of different generations a format in which to honor one another, and that the audience will be drawn from different communities, providing an opportunity for generations to mix. The format is designed to be sufficiently loose to allow for maximum creativity, but structured firmly enough to avoid boredom and distraction in performance.


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