Video: Bay Area Generations #12 at the Berkeley City Club on August 25, 2014

On August, 2014, Bay Area Generations hosted our 12th edition at Berkeley City Club. We have completed our first year!

Special thanks to Evan Karp at Litseen for storing our video as part of its extensive archive. Visit their website to find thousands of readings plus a daily calendar of Bay Area literary events and more. Or download the app.

And here are some interesting details about the past year:

In our first year we have mounted a show every month at venues in both the City and the East Bay.

#1: The Emerald Tablet, September 23, 2013
#2: The Berkeley City Club, October 28, 2013
#3: The Sports Basement, November 25, 2013
#4: The Terrace Room, December 30, 2013
#5: aMuse Gallery: January 27, 2014
#6: The Berkeley City Club: February 24, 2014
#7: Readers Bookstore at Fort Mason: March 24, 2014
#8: Duende Bar & Bodega: April 28, 2014
#9: Hotel Rex: May 26, 2014
#10: Berkeley City Club, June 23, 2014
#11: Hotel Rex: July 28, 2014
#12: Berkeley City Club, August 25, 2014

Plus, we participated in Beast Crawl on July 12, 2014, at the Era Art Bar and Lounge.

It has been an amazing adventure. In our first year, we have hosted a stunning 85 readers (18 of whom have read more than once) and 13 musicians (3 of whom have performed more than once).

We are humbled and grateful for the incredible participation of our talented community, and look forward to year #2 with wild excitement.


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