Board of Directors

woman holdds microphone standing at a wooden podium
KR Morrison takes the microphone before the audience at Bay Area Generations literary reading in San Francisco.

Our Board of Directors

We seek a broad diversity of genders, races, cultures, geography and generations for the board member positions.

Board members participate as a Director in the oversight and administration of the ongoing activities and development of the organization.
Directors participate in a monthly board or a committee meeting, and assume a volunteer role in the organization based on their specific areas of interest and/or serve as an Officer of the Board.
Directors also take on various action items developed in board meeting, assist with monthly readings, and serve on a show curation team a couple times a year.
A director’s term of office is two years. Board members terms may be renewed through annual board elections.

If your are interested in learning how to become a board member, let us know and contact us.

Our 2017-2018 Board

Amos White, President & Chairman
Lyndsey Ellis, Secretary
Jannie Dresser, Treasurer
Dr. Lonny Avi Brooks, At-Large
Kristen Caven, At-Large
Joan Gelfand, At-Large

Former Board Members

Charles Kruger, Emeritus / Co-Founder
Sandra Wassilie, Emeritus / Co-Founder
Deborah Steinberg
Candy Shue
Fred Dodsworth
Bonnie McManis
Sherry Wilson