Something old, something new

Bay Area Generations is a Bay Area literary community founded by Charles Kruger and Sandra Wassilie in the summer of 2013. We are both writers over fifty who have attended and participated in many readings around the Bay.


Both of us recognized a need for a reading series that would bring together different generations of readers. While some series do include multiple generations, a large number of events seemed to feature either mostly younger or mostly older writers. We had attended many readings exclusively peopled by 20 somethings, or folks well over 50.

Thus: Bay Area Generations

Our goal has been to build a community designed to bring the generations together both onstage and in the audience.

The format of our flagship reading series, our “gimmick” if you will, is that each “reader” is actually an intergenerational creative couple who perform as a pair. Each show includes three or more pairs of readers and a musical guest.

We encourage our contributors to be creative within this format, stipulating only that they propose a combined performance lasting no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

We conduct “Generations” without introductions or banter, but we do provide a program which provides statements from each pair of readers.

Our hope is to provide writers and audiences of different generations and communities a format in which to honor one another, offering an opportunity to mix it up. The format is designed to be sufficiently loose to allow for maximum creativity, but with enough structure to avoid boredom and distraction in performance.