How To Submit


Bay Area Generations: A reading series for the ages hosts a curated, monthly literary reading series and show. Submissions for each show are submitted for consideration to be read in a live reading, by the authors and poets, held in select venues San Francisco and in Oakland, California.

Open Submissions

Bay Area Generations maintains an open submissions process. Writers, poets and musicians and performers may submit at any time during the year to a specific monthly reading and show.

Paired Submissions

We host a paired reading of partners of a different generation. Your work must be submitted together with a partner and, if chosen, read together by the authors at that upcoming reading.

Submitted works are curated by a guest curator and two Generations board curators who review all submissions and select the final pieces that will appear and be read in that month’s reading .

To lean more on “How to Submit,” please review our Submission Guidelines.



Poetry, Short Story, Haiku, Novel excerpts,
Plays, Essay, Humor & Memoir

Bay Area Generations holds a monthly Call for Submissions to our Bay Area literary readings and shows. We accept your literary submissions of poetry, short story, haiku, novel excerpts, plays, essay, humor, and memoir.

Submissions Deadlines

Deadline for submissions is on the 1st day of the month at 12 midnight. (i.e.; October 1, 11:59pm). Submissions received AFTER midnight on the 1st of each month will be considered for the following month’s curation and show.

Submissions Selection

Your literary submissions are selectively curated by a guest curator and two Generations board curators. In our Call for Submissions, poets and authors submit literary works for consideration. Accepted works will feature their author/poet who will read live at that month’s show.

To assure that your submission will be eligible for consideration, please review our submission guidelines.

Come to a Show!

See what a reading and show looks like! Come to our next show.

Questions? Contact us!


Bay Area Generations is open to all authors, poets, writers and scribes of all ages.

7 thoughts on “How To Submit

  1. I need to know what signifies ‘a generation’ — is seven years’ difference enough? Or is the cut off ten, or twelve?

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Thank you for your interest? We assume a generation to be a minimum of one decade (10 years).


    1. Hi Gail,

      We are in the East Bay at the Berkeley City Club for even numbered months. The next East Bay show is on Monday, August 29th, at the Berkeley City Club. The submission deadline is August 10th.

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