Submissions Guidelines
for Edition #46
at The Bellevue Club, Oakland, CA
June 26, 2017

Deadline: midnight, on June 1st.

GUEST CURATOR for June: Joel Landmine

Bay Area Generations Submission Guidelines

Work submitted that is not in accordance with these guidelines will not be considered unless corrected and resubmitted before the deadline. If you have any questions, please email
We consider all types and genres of writing: poetry, fiction, drama, memoir, nonfiction, plays and scripts, sci-fi and fantasy— anything goes. Collaboration with your works is encouraged but it is not a requirement. Your work submitted by the intergenerational pair need not be connected, other than the fact that you chose to submit together.*


Paired Literary Submissions
Submit your literary works with a colleague, a friend, or a family member. However, the submitters must differ in generation by at least 10 years.
Submission Format
Please email one (1) document file that includes both submitter’s work.
Attach submissions as a .doc or .docx or .txt file.
Type in Subject line “SUBMISSION: + Full Name1, Full Name2  (i.e., SUBMISSION: Juan Doe + Jane Smith), and include the following in one attached document:
(1) A separate statement of no more than one paragraph from each writer about their partner and their reasons for submitting together. A combined statement is also acceptable. Edited versions will appear in the program.
(2) The literary works of Submitter 1 (Full Name, email address, contact phone #) above each title).
(3) The literary works of Submitter 2 (Full Name, email address, contact phone #) above each title).
Please adhere to the following format requirements:
Line Spacing
Prose:  Single space, with an extra line between paragraphs. Please do not indent paragraphs.
Poems:  Submit as you prefer them to appear in print.
File Format
Microsoft Word, doc, docx, txt. Please, no PDFs and no jpegs.


SUBMISSION SIZE: Your combined proposed reading for both readers may not exceed a 12 minutes. Thus, we highly recommend reading your entire submission aloud to make sure this guideline is met. Generally speaking, the word count should not exceed approximately 2000 words.
E-mail submissions as attached to with the subject line: SUBMISSION [Name 1 + Name 2].
Please note that Bay Area Generations may accept all or a portion of the work submitted, although in no case will we accept one submitter without the other.
By submitting, you affirm that, if accepted, you are available and willing to read on the date of the show. We typically notify all readers of our decisions no later than the 11th of each month. Accepted submissions are published in a limited edition souvenir chapbook, available only at the event.

For a full list of events, see our Facebook Page.

*By considering submissions only in pairs, we ensure that a mix of generations is presented. Good work invariably “talks” with other good work, regardless of content specifics, and it is surprising how this approach always seems to result in a tightly integrated show. Coordination and collaboration are welcome, of course, but if the submission includes work by two writers of different generations, this guideline has been met.